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Chemistry Lecture/Lab Series

We have 10 chemistry pin badge series to choose from. Please see the list below for each series. Some series may have design variations that you can choose from (marked next to the pin badge). For those series, please write the design variant you would like during checkout (in the note). If no note was made during checkout, we will select a design variant to include in your shipment.


The Organic Chemistry Lecture Badge Collection

One Carbonyl Pin

One Aromaticity Pin

One Nuclear Spin Pin

One Carbenium Ion Pin

One Stereochemistry Pin

One Vibrational Stretch Pin

One Newman Projection Pin

One Chair Conformation Pin


The Organic Chemistry Laboratory Badge Collection

One TLC Pin

One Filter Pin

One Reaction Pin

One Melt Temp Pin

One Condenser Pin

One Separatory Pin

One Polarimetry Pin

One Recrystallization Pin


The Inorganic Chemistry Lecture Badge Collection

One Chelate Pin

One Symmetry Pin

One Crystal Field Pin

One Coordination Pin

One Back-Bonding Pin

One Electron Count Pin

One Electron Transfer Pin

One Spectrochemical Pin


The Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory Badge Collection

One Glovebox Pin

One Cold Trap Pin

One Schlenk Line Pin

One Schlenk Filter Pin

One Schlenk Flask Pin

One Electrochemistry Pin

One Magnetic Susceptibility Pin

One UV-Vis Cuvette Pin


The Physical Chemistry Lecture Badge Collection

One Phase Diagram Pin

One Particle in a Box Pin

One Atomic Emission Pin

One Jablonski Diagram Pin

One Photoelectric Effect Pin

One Harmonic Oscillator Pin

One Wave-Particle Duality Pin

One Maxwell-Boltzmann Distribution Pin


The Physical Chemistry Laboratory Badge Collection

One Laser Pin

One Gas Cell Pin

One Computation Pin

One Isosbestic Point Pin

One Bomb Calorimetry Pin

One Absorption-Emission Pin

One Three Neck Round Bottom Pin

One Differential Scanning Calorimetry Pin


The Biochemistry Lecture Badge Collection 

One RNA Pin

One Lipids Pin

One Enzyme Pin

One Antibody Pin

One Krebs Cycle Pin

One Calvin Cycle Pin

One Protein Structure Pin

One Nucleobases Pin (Variation: Adenine or Thymine)


The Biochemistry Laboratory Badge Collection

One Centrifuge Pin

One Falcon Tube Pin

One Shaker Flask Pin

One 96-Well Plate Pin

One Hanging Drop Pin

One Gel Electrophoresis Pin

One Multichannel Pipette Pin

One Cell Imaging Pin (Variation: Bright or Dark Field)


The Analytical Chemistry Lecture Badge Collection 

One Dilution Pin

One ICE Table Pin

One Beer's Law Pin

One Nernst Equation Pin

One Calibration Curve Pin

One Normal Distribution Pin

One Accuracy & Precision Pin

One Signal-to-Noise Ratio Pin


The Analytical Chemistry Laboratory Badge Collection 

One Burette Pin

One pH Probe Pin

One Flame AA Pin

One Mass Spec Pin

One Volumetric Flask Pin

One Volumetric Pipette Pin

One Atomic Force Microscopy Pin

One Scanning Electron Microscopy Pin


Box not included 



Chemistry Lecture/Lab Series

  • Chemistry Pin Badge Series

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    Replacement: If your merchandise was damaged during shipment, please take pictures of the merchandise and send them to The damaged merchandise will be assessed by our team. If a replacement is granted by our team, customers will be responsible for shipping the damaged merchandise back to us before we ship replacements. Customers are responsible to pay for all shipments. 

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