In a world where there are a variety of ways to teach students, we found it most sensible to encourage students to enjoy the subject first. Our mission at d-Orbital Games is to produce science educational card games that are fun and engaging for students, teachers, and parents. We believe that when a student enjoys learning, no matter how difficult the task, it only bolsters their ability to absorb and grow as scholars. We hope you enjoy playing our games!

Meet The Team

Founder & Game Designer

Zachary Thammavongsy 

University of California, Irvine (Ph.D.)

Western Washington University (M.S. & B.S.)

Inorganic Chemist

Currently a chemistry post-doc at Chapman University, Zach is the founder of d-Orbital Games. He enjoys learning how students learn and how teachers teach. He is a pedagogical fellow and a chemistry teacher in training. 

Chief Editor & Product Developer

Kim Le

University of California, Irvine (M.S.)

University of Pennsylvania (B.S.)


An eye for catching mistakes, Kim is a perfectionist. She is a biochemist in the research and development department at a diagnostic company. She pays attention to details, making her the perfect editor. 

IT Support Specialist & Game Developer

Mike Konev

University of California, Irvine (Ph.D.)

Western Washington University (B.S.)

Organic Chemist

Providing the latest news on technology, Mike writes the code that produces SeArCH words and is currently working on an app to expand the  SeArCH game. He enjoys online and in-person gaming. 

Producer and Distributor

The Game Crafter  

Madison, WI

Game Makers  

We create, produce, and distribute our games through an American based tabletop game company, "The Game Crafter." The Game Crafter is a print on demand company that provides the best quality in gaming and customer service.

Former d-Orbital Team Members

Brian Lydon   *   Bianca Ceballos   *   Wyeth Gibson

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