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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions   

Answers to all frequently asked questions can be found below.  

Why do I have to buy d-Orbital Games through The Game Crafter? 

We partnered with The Game Crafter to produce and ship all of our games. The Game Crafter is great at what they do, so much so that we trust them with our games. Their customer service is top-notch and their online order is quick and easy to use. If you have any concerns about ordering from The Game Crafter, we encourage you to look through their website. Their help section is very extensive and can be found at

Shipping and Handling 


Shipping and handling of our games go through The Game Crafter. You can find information at The Game Crafter provides a tracking number with each shipment. They ship through USPS. If you cannot locate your shipment, please contact The Game Crafter at

Wholesale for

US retailers

If you are a US retailer and would like to sell our games, we offer wholesale rates. Please email us at

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