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SeArCH - Periodic Table of the Elements Flashcard Game. Begin the search with the Starter Pack or go straight to the fun Theme Pack.

LINK - Amino Acid Card Game. Create a small polypeptide chain to learn the one-letter symbol of each amino acid residue. 

SLAP COUNT - Transition Metal d-electron Count Game. Learn to quickly count d-electrons of transition metals in various oxidation states. 

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18 Electron Rule - Organometallic Counting Card Game. A twist on the classic game of "21" incorporating ligands and metal cards.




 H NMR SPECTRUM -  H NMR Spectroscopy Board Game. Collaborate in teams to draw and interpret  H NMR spectra. Solve as many structures as you can! 


Complex - Communication Card Game. Communicate the inorganic complexes to your teammates using only a one or two-word clue.

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Rare Earth Elements - Memory Card Game. Discover where the Rare Earth elements are used in our daily lives. 


SALC - An Orbital Arrangement Game. Aid in the visualization of the Symmetry Adapted Linear Combination of atomic orbitals. 

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Texas Carbon - Fast Pace Identification Game. Be the first to identify and draw the number of Texas carbons shown on the  molecular structure card.

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